Expository Sermons in Luke: Responding to Jesus in Light of Luke's Old Testament Allusions




Bourgeois, Mark

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This thesis presents four expository sermons on the Gospel of Luke, giving particular attention to Luke’s engagement with the Old Testament. The first sermon focuses on Jesus’s entrance into his public ministry as an example for obeying the Spirit. The second sermon centers on Jesus's transfiguration in order to reveal what obedience to the New Covenant looks like. The third focuses on Jesus’s rebuke of Pharisees and lawyers in order to illustrate how to respond to Jesus with pure intentions. Finally, the fourth sermon centers on the road to Emmaus story in order to model complete faith in Christ’s resurrection. My research and analysis were guided mainly by Haddon Robinson's Biblical Preaching, which teaches a Biblical strategy of preaching most commonly used in Protestant churches. Taken together, the four chapters model how expository preaching can be an effective method of sharing the voice of God with a congregation.



Religion., Christianity.