The Role of Genetics and the Environment on a Dog’s Behavior and its Application Toward Successfully Choosing a Dog for Service.




Eshbach, Brooke

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This paper was intended to research the role of both genetics and the environment on a dog’s behavioral profile and deduce whether there is a significant enough effect of the two on it to recommend the maintenance of breeding dogs for service or advocating for the use of shelter dogs. It was found that both factors play a significant role in the behavioral characteristics exhibited by the canine. Genetics were proven to undoubtedly influence behavior, although the effects are characterized by wide variations in gene expression and are extremely complex. The early environmental exposures of the puppy also have a profound effect on its behavior as an adult. For these reasons, it is concluded that potential service dogs should continue to be chosen from reputable breeders who can provide extensive background information on the puppy and more strictly control the surroundings they are exposed to in their early lives.



Dog Genetics., Environment., Dog Behavior., Service Dog.