Hope as a Healer: The Role of Hope and Suffering in Physician and Patient Relationship

Tan, Michelle
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In order to explore the role of hope and suffering in physician and patient relationships and to shed light on new aspects of the patient's human nature that are absent in traditional science education, an analysis of classical literature and a comparison of texts were completed. Through an effort to gain understanding of suffering and its causes, followed by the patient’s reaction to such, it was found that hope has a crucial role in a patient’s healing and willingness to live. The physician is responsible for maintaining hope while being attentive to the patient’s physical needs. For physicians to uphold this duty, emphasis should be placed on a patient’s mental and spiritual wellbeing as well as his physical wellbeing. The knowledge presented in these texts holds valuable information on understanding human nature and suffering that can be applied to medicine. By embracing these works, society can begin to take essential steps to transform healthcare into its greatest potential.