Same-Sex Marriage: A Constitutional and Social Debate




Corning, Hannah

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The debate about same-sex marriage is fraught with emotion, often making fruitful discussion of the issue virtually impossible. In this project, I distill the important points of contention both for and against same-sex marriage as well as the legal issues involved. There are important points to consider in the debate and in the effort to secure equality and protections for all Americans, and, on the other hand, to preserve certain moral norms. I hope to familiarize readers with the legal and social issues that surround this debate in order that they will understand better what has made this such a divisive issue and be able to evaluate where the debate stands given the predominant arguments.



Same-sex marriage., Gay marriage., Fundamental rights., Equal protection., Social goods., Catholic natural law., Marriage., 14th Amendment., Constitutional rights., Jonathan Rauch., Andrew Sullivan., Robert George, Sherif Girgis, Ryan Anderson.