Creation Rx: An Exploration of Christian Primary Care Physician Responses to Implementing Nature Prescriptions




Weir, Lily

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Many chronic illnesses that Americans suffer from can be alleviated through time in nature. In addition to the medicinal effects of time spent outdoors, nature plays a key role in the Christian faith and offers spiritual benefits. Some clinicians and medical practices have already adopted nature prescription programs to treat these chronic illnesses. This thesis reviews the scientific and theological evidence for the benefits of time in nature and provides a qualitative analysis of the role of Christian faith in implementing park prescriptions through multiple interviews with Christian primary care physicians. These findings will assist public health professionals and medical administrators in identifying and removing future barriers for nature prescriptions while contributing to the growing literature on medicine and religion.



ParkRX., Nature prescription., Medical humanities., Medicine and religion., Theology of creation., Nature., Nature and medicine., Christian physician., Nature contact., Outdoor access., Parks.