A Study on Acting Theory and Performance

Wray, Peyton
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This thesis seeks to review the historical context of the evolution of acting, both on stage and through film, as well as the works of acting theorists from around the world in order to analyze a few selected acting techniques. It discusses the shifts in perspectives of acting throughout the Realism Movement in theatre, which first gained momentum in the works of Konstantin Stanislavsky and was perpetuated as film grew in prominence. Finally, this thesis will take this analysis and apply it to my experience of rehearsing and performing in Baylor University’s October 2020 production of Qui Nguyen’s She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms, directed by Dr. David Jortner for online streaming presentations, taking a special interest in how adaptations necessary to the play due to COVID-19 restrictions affected the acting styles needed to tell the story. This written portion of the thesis is to be taken in conjunction with the Baylor University Theatre 2020 Production of She Kills Monsters.