High-density intraoperative brain monitoring during cardiac surgery.


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Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) is a prominent technique that allows assessment of functional brain activity by measuring hemodynamic responses. Most existing functional brain imaging methods are only capable of examining cere-bral oxygenation at the frontal lobes during cardiac surgery; thus, the majority of brain regions remain unmonitored. In an attempt to intraoperatively monitor broader brain regions and detect early oxygen imbalance, high-density fNIRS channels are utilized in this study. A comprehensive test battery of neuropsychological measures is also used to evaluate the subject’s cognitive performances pre- and postoperatively and identify cognitive declines following cardiac surgery. The correlation of fNIRS findings and neurocognitive results is analyzed. Since the results are consistent with previous work, the study indicates the use of fNIRS in detecting potential hypoxia. Future research is necessary to further investigate a larger sample with a systematic approach of physiological interference reduction for fNIRS data.



FNIRS. POCD. Oxygen. Cardiac surgery.