Relationship Between Sex and Symptom Status in University Students Who Tested Positive for COVID-19

Tia, John
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Due to the novelty of research involving differences in sex for COVID-19, more studies covering this topic are required. This study examines if there is a statistically significant difference between males and females in COVID-19 symptom rates. Data was collected during regular COVID-19 contact tracing, where upon positively tested students were contacted and asked to answer their sex and if they had symptoms present or not. Afterwards, a Chi-Square test was performed. The results designate that there is no statistically significant difference between the sexes (p=0.703). However, females exhibited higher incidence for COVID-19 symptomatic status (62.59%) than males (58.20%). In conclusion, there is no statistically significant relationship between sex and symptom rate; however, more studies in this topic would be appreciated due to its importance.

Coronavirus.Covid-19.Sex.Symptom Rate.University Students.Contract Tracing.