Multidimensional power amplifier circuit optimizations for adaptive radar.


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As wireless technology and dynamic spectrum allocation continue to proliferate, the ability to dynamically reconfigure radar transmitter power amplifiers will become necessary for adaptive radar. Reconfigurable transmitters will require the ability to tune input parameters such as load impedance, waveform bandwidth, and amplifier bias voltage to provide excellent performance while adjusting to real-time changes in requirements. This dissertation presents design tools and search algorithms to maximize power-added efficiency (PAE) while providing compliance with spectral regulations and transmitting sufficient power. The presented contributions include 1) the S metric for spectral compliance, 2) the Smith Tube as a tool for design and optimization, 3) optimization algorithms to maximize waveform bandwidth using the Bandwidth Smith Tube, 4) an optimization for power-added efficiency under adjacent-channel power ratio (ACPR) constraints in the Bias Smith Tube, and 5) an optimization for power-added efficiency, adjacent-channel power ratio, and output power demonstrated on the Smith Chart and in the Bias Smith Tube. These algorithms will be applicable toreal-time reconfiguration for adaptive radar systems.



Cognitive radar. Optimization. Power amplifier.