Faster circuit optimization techniques for full-band and notched waveforms to enable next-generation radar.


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As the wireless spectrum becomes increasingly congested, more efficient sharing of the spectrum is desperately needed. In order to coexist, next-generation radars will have to adapt their spectral use in real-time. Two useful baseline technologies in interference-avoiding, adaptive spectrum technologies are the fast reconfiguration of the transmitter power amplifier circuitry and the transmission of spectrally notched waveforms. This thesis presents two algorithms for the real-time circuit optimization necessary in spectrally agile radars: a modified gradient search algorithm for application to a high-power, evanescent-mode cavity tuner that uses previous results to improve reconfiguration time and a modified gradient search algorithm compatible with spectrally notched waveforms. Additionally, this work discusses iterative circuit optimization algorithms for a designed electrically actuated switched-stub tuner.



Cognitive radar. Spectrum sharing. Notched waveforms. Power amplifiers. Impedance matching. Reconfigurable circuits.