The Presentation of Mosquitocidal Protein Toxin for Delivery in Yeast-Based Stations



Gross, Jonathon
Kearney, Christopher Michel, 1958-

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Throughout history, humans have been plagued by vector-borne diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, and yellow fever. These particular diseases are spread by mosquitoes, and they cause severe losses to human growth and development, to productivity, and to society as a whole in endemic regions. In this thesis, the potential for yeast-based bait stations as a novel method for controlling these mosquito populations is explored. In order to do so, the lethality of a few toxins on mosquito populations, the efficacy of different bait station designs, and the relevance of carbohydrate media in the process were tested. Overall, it was concluded that yeast-based stations for the control of mosquitoes have potential as a low-cost option for vector control. However, further study with toxin cocktails specific for mosquitoes and potential expression in plant nectar or other natural mosquito food sources would also be important avenues to pursue in the fight against these diseases.



Mosquito control., Yeast-based stations., Vector control., Mosquitocidal toxins., Bait-station design.