The impact of construed external image factors on sport management student perceptions of pride in a sport employer.




Guo, Hua, 1984-

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This study examined whether the construed external image (CEI) factors of organizational reputation, familiarity, and social prestige have a positive and direct effect on sport management students’ levels of perceived pride in being employed by a professional sport organization. Pride represents an important outcome to explore in sport-based studies because employees who demonstrate pride in the organization employing them are less likely to leave (turnover) and more likely to demonstrate a greater level of organizational commitment. A total of 91 undergraduate sport management students from two different universities participated in this study. Results revealed that higher levels of familiarity and social prestige with a sport organization were associated with higher levels of pride in a hypothetical sport organization employer by sport management students. Organizational reputation was not found to impact students’ perceptions of pride. Implications for scholars and practitioners, study limitations, and suggestions for future research are also discussed.



Student workers., Sports management., Public opinion.