Investigation of the relationships between hypnotizability, psychological mindedness, attitudes toward hypnosis and expectancy.




Koep, Lauren L.

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Hypnotizability of an individual is one factor that moderates the experience and effectiveness of hypnosis. However, the psychological components of hypnotizability are not yet fully known. Consequently the current study sought to increase what is known about psychological characteristics that may relate to hypnotizability. This study examined the relationship between hypnotizability, psychological mindedness, attitudes toward hypnosis, and expectancy of hypnotizability Also, potential mediational models relating psychological mindedness, attitudes toward hypnosis, expectancy of hypnotizability, hypnotizability, and stress and anxiety outcomes were investigated. Ninety-one undergraduate students were administered measures of: 1) hypnotizability; 2) psychological mindedness; 3) attitudes toward hypnosis; 4) expectancy of hypnotizability; and 5) current perceptions of stress and anxiety. Results did not reveal statistically significant correlations between psychological mindedness and hypnotizability or expectancy of hypnotizability. Consistent with the hypotheses of the current study, attitudes toward hypnosis and expectancy emerged as moderately-sized positive correlates of hypnotizability. When mediation models were investigated, only one of the proposed models demonstrated a significant total effect. The significant direct and total effects of the model indicated that psychological mindedness predicts changes in anxiety level after hypnosis. However, the nonsignificant mediated (indirect) effect demonstrates that this relationship is not mediated by hypnotizability. This finding may be viewed as a precursor for further research investigating the variables that predict changes in stress and anxiety after hypnosis.



Hypnosis., Hypnotizability., Psychological mindedness., Suggestibility., Hypnotic suggestibility., Attitudes toward hypnosis., Expectancy., Expectancy of hypnotizability., Estimated hypnotizability.