The “M” in STEM : the integration of high school mathematics standards in STEM education.

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This study is a curriculum analysis of a national high school STEM curriculum and the Texas state standards for high school mathematics. The STEM curriculum was analyzed to find the Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Precalculus concepts that were included and to determine if the high school mathematics was the primary or secondary focus of the activity. The findings suggested explicit connections to high school mathematics concepts, but many connections to middle school mathematics as well. This curriculum developed Algebra I and Geometry concepts and many high school level mathematical skills. For the activities that included high school mathematics, 56% had these concepts as the primary focus and 44% had the high school mathematics as the secondary focus. Implications and future studies are discussed, including the alignment of other STEM curricula, how the curriculum is implemented in the classroom, and when students should take STEM courses in high school.

STEM. Mathematics. Education.