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Currently, there is an ever-growing elderly population suffering from a variety of issues such as dementia, depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the elderly population is expected to double to 83.7 million by 2050 and the World Health Organization estimates the total worldwide amount of elderly with dementia to triple by 2050. VigoR Healthcare Solutions seeks to promote, create, and maintain good mental health for the elderly by increasing cognitive function, decreasing symptoms of depression, offering emotional respite for dementia patients, and allowing the elderly to experience technology firsthand. VigoR offers a subscription model for nursing homes, retirement communities, in-home care services, and assisted living facilities that provides virtual reality headsets with our own user-friendly software for resident-use to help improve mood, decrease depression symptoms, and stimulate cognitive functions. VigoR feels there is an underserved market in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas for this solution and plan on implementing an aggressive growth strategy.



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