Probabilistic category learning and memory systems functioning in those at-risk for alcohol abuse.


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The transition from non-problematic to problematic drinking may be related to neuropsychological functioning, especially difficulties in memory functioning. The goal of this study was to examine declarative and non-declarative memory functioning in high-risk drinking college students using the Weather Prediction Task (WPT). We recruited 20 high-risk and 44 low-risk participants. We hypothesized that high-risk drinkers would perform worse on the WPT, as well as a reversal learning component of the WPT. We also examined the relationship between executive functioning and WPT performance as well as if impulsivity was related to WPT performance. Overall our results did not confirm our primary hypotheses. However, our exploratory analyses revealed in interesting relationship between WPT performance and facets of impulsivity. Future research is needed to further examine declarative and non-declarative memory process in high-risk drinkers, as there were several limitations in our study.



Alcohol use disorder. Memory systems. Risk.