Religiosity moderates links between delinquency and depression in adolescence and adult alcohol use : a person-centered approach.


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Research has demonstrated that delinquency and depression are longitudinally related to alcohol use, and that religiosity may influence this relationship. However, these associations have not been demonstrated using person-centered approaches that provide nuanced explorations of these constructs. Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, we examined whether adolescent delinquency and depression differentiated typologies of adult alcohol users, and how religiosity profiles influenced this relationship. Three types of religious adolescents and four types of adult alcohol users were identified via latent profile analysis. Delinquency was related to increased likelihood of membership in heavy-drinking or problematic alcohol use profiles, but the effects of depression were mixed. These relationships were strongest among those likely to be involved in both coalitional and devotional religious practices. Results demonstrate the importance of person-centered approaches in understanding how delinquency and depression are predictive of particular patterns of alcohol use.



Alcohol use. Religiosity. Adolescence. Latent profile analysis.