Impact of Native-Language, Group Prenatal Care on Spanish-Speaking Patients' Satisfaction with Care




Bondurant, Ruth

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Hispanic individuals represent the largest minority group in the United States, and significant and creative measures must be taken to ensure that this population receives adequate, culturally sensitive medical care. This thesis examines the effectiveness of group prenatal care in improving Hispanic women’s satisfaction with their care and in decreasing their perception and experience of cultural barriers in their care. Through the use of focus groups, Spanish-speaking women who had participated in the centering pregnancy program at the Family Health Center were asked to comment on their experiences in the centering pregnancy program. The participating women expressed appreciation for the additional opportunities for education and social connection that are afforded by centering pregnancy, and their cumulative comments indicated an overwhelmingly positive response to the centering pregnancy program. These results suggest that group prenatal care has the capacity to improve Hispanic women’s satisfaction with their care and affirm the importance of supporting and expanding beneficial programs like centering pregnancy.