At the crossroads of education and reality- my experience at the Poage Legislative Library.




Swanson, Erik J.

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The W.R. Poage Legislative Library was established in September 1979 and honors the legacy of former Congressman W.R. Poage. The library boasts 12 congressional, 8 state legislative, 4 judicial, and several other collections all designed to tell the story of Texas legislators and government officials. The mission of the Poage Library is to, "support programs designed to inform and educate students, scholars, and the general public ion the history of Congress, the legislative process, and current issues facing both local, state, and national governments." The internship was designed to provide a real world museum experience and compare how the education at Baylor prepares its students. This insight would be invaluable to the faculty and future students. The results of the internship provide a unique look at how the museum studies department transitions in the work force. As expected, there were some resounding successes, such as the exhibit design portion of the project. However, it also highlighted problems that the museum studies program does not cover, with the most notable example being how to compromise with a director who is less trained in museum preservation techniques.



Museum studies., Education., Exhibit design., Collections management