Governor control optimization of hydro power plants using hybrid fuzzy logic and PID control.


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Control of hydro power plants has been an issue of concern for researchers; moreover, more emphasis has always been put on governor control which naturally has slower response, but vital in ensuring system stability and elimination of load tracking errors. This thesis studies on ways to use fuzzy logic control (FLC) together with the conventional proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers to aid in this process. However, coming up with the inputs, rule base and the outputs, including a number of each of these in the FLC system has always been arbitrary hence proving it difficult for designers to come up with effective parameters for the FLC. This study focuses on ways in which a designer can use fuzzy logic interval partitioning to help come up with sound universe of discourse of variables which determines the effectiveness of the whole control system. This ultimately was put into use and gave us a faster and predictable approach of modelling the control system for hydro plants and gave us satisfactory results.



Fuzzy logic.