The psychological and aesthetic development of "Closet memories" as a short-film production.




Sabin, Ruth E.

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This work will contain a detailed account and analysis of the making of Closet Memories as a short-film production, including descriptions of content research and resources, concept and aesthetic development, production goals and examples and finally, a thorough self-evaluation of situational outcomes involved in every stage of production. In providing a comprehensive presentation on the encompassing process of producing a thesis film, the intention of this work is to demonstrate the success of creating a product whose narrative intent is properly and satisfactorily represented by way of a researched and intuitive method of approach required in thesis development. Thus, the underlying objective of this work is to effectively demonstrate the significant nature the following content possesses in relationship to modern social occurrences, and thus encourage the application of its relatable content in appropriate areas of interest and compatibility within modern society.



Short films -- Production and direction.