Exodus 34:6-7: a canonical analysis.




Lane, Nathan Cinclair.

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This dissertation is a canonical analysis of Exodus 34:6-7 and its major parallels. The central thesis of this dissertation is that the parallels mark a canonical movement from an emphasis on the intimate covenantal relationship between YHWH and ancient Israel towards an expression of the reign of YHWH over all of creation. The dissertation will also explore the different manifestations of the parallels as found in the canon. Attention will be given to how the different contexts of the parallel manipulate the attributes of compassion and wrath for their contexts. The diachronic features of each parallel will also be given attention. In the Torah, parallels occur at significant locations in the narrative where the covenantal relationship is either endangered or being (re)affirmed. These parallels emphasize the covenant responsibilities of both parties – YHWH and ancient Israel. The next major parallels occur in the Twelve. These parallels show YHWH’s interaction with the other nations and ancient Israel. The final group of parallels comes in the Psalter. In these parallels, YHWH’s reign over the entire cosmos comes to the fore. The analysis of these parallels witness to a theological movement whereby YHWH is seen as sovereign over all of creation. The dissertation will also explore how the different writers of Scripture used the credo for their theological purposes. For example, Numbers 14 emphasizes the compassionate aspects of the credo in its context. On the other hand, Nahum 1 relies solely on wrathful aspects in his taunt of the Ninevites. The dissertation will also attempt to find a date for each of the texts that contain the credo. Attention will be given to the length and theological emphases of the different periods of use of the credo.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 202-219).


Bible. O.T. Exodus XXXIV, 6-7 -- Criticism, interpretation, etc., Bible. O.T. Minor Prophets -- Criticism, interpretation, etc., Covenants -- Biblical teaching.