Physician-Assisted Dying: A new Model for Current Clinical Application




Maher, Jacob

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Physician-Assisted Dying is a practice that has become more prominent in medicine in the last two decades. In its long and varied history, it has affected multiple cultures and garnered diverse responses from the people of that time. Typically, the main two factors associated with physician-assisted dying include patient autonomy and sanctity of life. However, a new model is needed that combines these two factors along with “social value” to more accurately show the effects each has on both society and individuals with fatal diseases. As an added benefit, the model can be used to analyze both legal policies that have been enacted and individual patients who wish to utilize physician-assisted dying to avoid suffering. Finally, physician-assisted dying is a practice that will only grow in the coming years due to current medicine, and so current physicians and other healthcare providers must consider its clinical application in the future.



Physician-Assisted Dying, Euthanasia, Patient Autonomy, Sanctity of Life