Elite Feasting in the Hebrew Bible: An Examination in the Non-Israelite and Israelite Royal Courts




McNeece, Madison Grace

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Food, in ancient Israel, was important in both public and private settings. Just like food may unify or divide people in modern American life, food played the same function in ancient Israel and Judah. In several stories in the Hebrew Bible, there are several private meals and public feasting events which reveal the role that food could play in ancient Israelite and Non-Israelite societies. To better understand the power of food in ancient Israel and Judah—specifically, how food could unify or divide—my thesis will explore the role of eating in specific texts in the Hebrew Bible. Specifically, I will explore what kind of eating event is taking place in certain narratives, where these activities took place, and for what purpose. I will argue that the kind of eating event is set within the narrative at a specific point to highlight how food could serve to unify and divide certain groups within Israelite society.



Elite. Feasting. Israelite. Non-Israelite. Royal. Courts.