Using graphic novels to improve literacy.




Walker, Amanda M., 1981-

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In order to address the current concerns about traditional literacy skills as well as the call for a new set of skills referred to as new literacies, the researcher chose to investigate the use of graphic novels with a group of 14 eighth grade minority students during a four week workshop. The workshop used a gradual build-up of graphic works and literacy skills to help students understand the format and new literacies before moving on to more advanced texts and tasks. The workshop culminated in students creating their own graphic works. The findings were reported in a six student case study describing students’ comments and attitudes concerning the texts and activities utilized during the workshop as well as demonstrations of literacy skills in students’ work. The researcher found that graphic novels can be appealing, interesting, and motivating to middle school students while assisting them in utilizing both traditional and new literacy skills. Additionally, it seems that both students and teachers may benefit from instruction concerning all forms of graphica, the conventions of this medium, and skills that can be developed as a result of interacting with such texts.



Graphic novels., Literacy., Graphica.