Breaking the Cycle: Characteristics that Lead to the Termination of Cyclical Poverty




Morris, Emilee

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Poverty is a complex global issue that continues to lack an adequate solution. The current study investigated the recurring characteristics that appear in individuals who grew up in poverty but now lead successful adult lives. A combination of previously gathered quantitative data and qualitative interview data gathered specifically for the current study was utilized for analysis. Higher education was determined to be the key component of adulthood success. The quantitative data participants were obtained from Wave II, Wave III, and Wave IV of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health). The qualitative data participants were obtained through a convenience sample, were determined to be successful adults who had grown up in poverty, were interviewed for the study. Common characteristics identified included: self-efficacy, close relationships that were encouraging and consistent, and early academic success. The findings in the current study provide directions for future research concerning cyclical poverty.