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Johnston, Maddison

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With the increased desire for high quality coffee, Eclipse Coffee Bar seeks to provide the Abilene area with a coffee shop where people can gather to seek community, study and work. Eclipse Coffee Bar will capitalize on the ACU student body as well as the two adjacent universities, young professionals and families located in close proximity to the proposed location. Our mission is to provide a place where people can escape the stress of life and to provide atmosphere that brings people together over their love of coffee. We will have a large shop providing plenty of space for studying as well as for just hanging out. We plan to have a separated study room providing a quite study area for students who prefer to study in that sort of atmosphere. We will also have different board games that allow our customers to interact with each other, and even an open mic night on Thursday nights to support local artists. Our main competitor in the market is Starbucks, but we will be able to draw customers to our coffee shop because of the location and atmosphere. The major financial cost of this project includes the transformation of the retail space and purchase of the machines required. We will have a limited menu in order to reduce inventory, and will have select snacks that we outsource from a local bakery and snack provider. We will also have seasonal menus featuring five seasonal drinks to increase the demand of certain products during these seasons. We plan to have a soft opening the week before ACU starts school and then have our official opening during move in week, offering half price drinks to drive initial customer demand. Overall, Eclipse Coffee Bar seeks to create a unique coffee shop that drives community within Abilene.



Business Plan