Memorable moments of closeness in grandfather-granddaughter relationships.


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The purpose of this study is to explore critical moments that affect closeness in the grandfather-granddaughter relationship. While historically an understudied family relationship, research has repeatedly shown that grandparents can significantly influence their grandchildren. However, very little research has been done to explore the nuances of the cross-sex intergenerational relationship of grandfathers and granddaughters, specifically in terms of how they negotiate closeness. The goal of this study is to gain a deeper understanding of the significant moments that either increase or decrease closeness within the grandfather-granddaughter dyad. Using critical incident analysis, 160 granddaughters participated in the study. Granddaughters reported 302 critical moments of closeness with their grandfathers, from which eight major categories emerged. The study concludes that grandfathers and granddaughters construct closeness in a unique way, combining traditional masculine and feminine forms of creating and maintaining closeness.



Closeness. Grandfather. Granddaughter. Grandfather-granddaughter relationships. Critical incident technique.