The Sequence of Themata in the Collations of Frater Petrus




Pederson, Gabriel

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The topic of this thesis is an unpublished medieval scholastic manuscript containing a work of one ‘Frater Petrus.’ It appears that Petrus wrote 150 collationes, or brief lessons to be read throughout the year, almost all of which are reproduced in this single manuscript. Each collation in general consists of a thema (a verse-length scriptural quotation) from the day’s Mass reading, followed by a threefold explanation of each of three parts into which it is divided, making connections with other parts of scripture for the reader to elaborate. The first three collations and the very last collation all have themata that are not from the Mass reading. The purpose of the thesis is to explain the sequence of the themata. Thus it consists in clarifying the correct sequence of the collations and their themata, establishing the relationship between the body of the work and the medieval (pre-Tridentine) lectionaries from which the author would have been working, and in explaining the roles that these four eccentric collations play in the work.



Medieval Studies