The stratigraphic controls on development potential within the Lower Cretaceous glauconitic member sandstone, Jenner Field area, Southern Alberta, Canada.


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The Glauconitic Member of the Lower Cretaceous Upper Mannville Group consists of incised valley filling multi-story fluvial quartzose sandstone deposits that accumulated during a marine transgression. This study delineates the spatial distribution and associated rock quality trends of the sandstone bodies to assist in guiding future hydrocarbon development drilling and well recompletion strategies. Four stacked channel cycles (A, B, C, and D) are characterized, correlated, and mapped across the study area. Where channels are stacked, they are non-compartmentalized to fluid flow, have relatively homogeneous porosity and permeability, and are therefore mapped as a single flow unit. Structure, facies distribution, gross pore volume, and net pore volume maps were combined to generate an opportunities map that identifies the most favorable area(s) for development and recompletion.



Glauconitic sandstone. Upper Mannville. Fluvial reservoirs.