How Churches and Nonprofits Are Meeting the Spiritual and Physical Needs of the People of East Africa




Larsen, Matthew

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Everyone has needs. Whether we are struck by physical or spiritual hunger, poverty and brokenness, we all must have something or someone come and meet our needs. Ultimately, our physical and spiritual needs reflect our need of a savior. We need someone to come save us from the hunger, poverty and brokenness. For a beautiful and incomprehensible reason, God set up for Himself to be our savior, and for us, His redeemed, to be His body. We are His hands, His feet and His mouth to the rest of the hungry, poor and broken world who need to have their needs met just as much as we do. From a wounded, fatherless generation in Northern Uganda to a starving, government-less population in Somalia, East Africa has needs. Who is filling them?



East africa., Churches., Nonprofits.