The changes and patterns of Turkish family values under the conflicts of religion and modernity.

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In this study, I assess family values change among Turkish adults from 1991 to 2012, under the influence of religion and modernity. While Turkey is an overwhelmingly Muslim nation as other most countries in the region, Turkey constitutes distinctive social and cultural features regarding her historical background. Bridging the East and the West, Turkey offers valuable insight for researchers to study the impact of modernity and the resistance of traditional beliefs and practices. Using data from the well-known World Values Surveys, this study examines the degree to which Turkish family values are marked by change or continuity under the clash of modernization and religious factors. The results reveal mix support to the existing literature by providing religion is not only significant determinant to preserve traditional family values but also is a possible source to change some elements of patriarchal values. The inferences of these results are articulated.

Family. Religion. Modernity. Turkey.