Theoretical studies of LHC physics in the context of exact amplitude-based resummation realized by MC methods.




Mukhopadhyay, Aditi.

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With the announcement of the Higgs Boson candidate in the LHC run, it is now required to study the properties of the new particle as well as probe the new physics. Therefore the era of the sub-1% precision on processes such as Z and W production is upon us. In order to study the Standard Model and beyond more rigorously a more precise Monte Carlo simulation is required. With the previous comparisons with the FNAL data it was seen that HERWIRI1.0 gives a precise fit to the data. In this thesis we present the application of the exact amplitude-based resummation in quantum Field theory to precision QCD calculation, by MC event generator methods using HERWIRI1.031 as required by the LHC. Here we discuss the recent results with the interplay of the attendant IR-Improved DGLAP-CS theory and the precision of the exact NLO matrix-element matched parton shower MC's in the HERWIG6.5 environment, the HERWIRI1.031, determined by the recent LHC experimental observations. The agreement to the new precise data from the LHC is encouraging. For completeness, we also discuss the theoretical perspectives of the exact amplitude-based resummation theory. We present the step towards the sub-1% QCD ⊗ EW total theoretical precision regime for the LHC physics of the Standard model and beyond.



Quantum field theory.