The Experience of Depression Among Baylor Undergraduates: A Phenomenological Interview Study




Vandergrift, Marlee

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The experience of depression is prevalent among college students. This mental health disorder is concerning because of its impact on students’ social and emotional well-being, academic achievement, retention, and physical health. Because of the unique opportunity to intervene in students’ whole lives at such a transformative period, colleges should invest in students’ overall development, including mental health. This study aims to better comprehend the lived experience of having depression as a Baylor undergraduate so that services may become better tailored for this particular intersection of identity and experiences. Using a phenomenological interview study and qualitative coding analysis, the PI found that Baylor undergraduates who have been diagnosed with depression share some symptomatic and therapeutic history. Unique stories of factors in the college environment that were helpful and hurtful as the participants learned to cope with their diagnoses are also key to this paper’s findings.



college students, depression, social work, psychology, education, counseling