Demonstration of a power conditioning system for grid-connected fuel cell power plant.

Wu, Guiying, 1985-
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This thesis demonstrates a power conditioning system (PCS) for grid-connected hybrid direct fuel-cell with turbine (DFC/T) power plant. The PCS is an interface between distributed generation and utility grid. It regulates voltage, current and power transmitted from the hybrid DFC/T power plant to utility grid. The proposed system consists of DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverter, and an LCL filter. The DC/DC converter and DC/AC inverter use switches that operate at high speeds. The use of detailed model with switches will decrease the simulation speed, thus it takes long time to execute time simulations in MATLAB. This thesis utilizes effective averaged models for converter and inverter to reduce the calculation time for a large-scale fuel cell power plant in MATLAB. To regulate and stabilize the DC bus voltage, DC/DC converter with PI controller is adopted. For the DC/AC inverter, active and reactive power flow controller is used.

Fuel cell power plants., Power conditioning system.