Embracing Fraternity: Catholic Responses to COVID-19




Fisher, Lucy

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The COVID-19 pandemic represents a continuation in the human history of disease. Furthermore, it also represents a continuation of Catholic care and response to disease. From the first century onward, Catholics, have been involved in caring for the sick and providing social support to effected communities. Over time, these practices have become entwined with the theology of Catholic Social Teaching, creating a framework for social outreach and community building. This thesis will detail Catholic responses to COVID on multiple levels (international to local) and compare these to disease response efforts from history in order to demonstrate that Catholic responses to COVID represent an evolution in Catholic care for the sick. This evolution has been shaped by social teaching as well as the guidance of the current pope and has many implications for the future of social support provided by the Church.



Covid-19., Catholic responses to disease., social teaching., Covid-19 response.