Hormone Therapy: Histories, Use, and Controversies Associated with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men and Menopause in Women




Kohn, Grace

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Research on hormone therapies has been evolving rapidly with controversy close behind. The first goal of this project was to investigate a controversy regarding testosterone replacement therapy treatment when associated with lower urinary tract symptoms. It was previously thought that testosterone replacement therapy would worsen lower urinary tract symptoms; however, it was found that mild or moderate symptoms were not worsened, measured using IPSS scores. It was discovered that there was a lack of data for severe symptoms and further research was recommended. The second goal of this project was to provide a clear and concise history of estrogen therapy for women in menopause. Controversies like the correlation of cancer and estrogen therapy were evaluated extensively. It was found that short-term use of estrogen therapy for post-menopausal women is best practice, while necessitating evaluation of risks and benefits with both physician and patient before initiation of treatment.



Hormone Therapy., Estrogen Therapy., Testosterone Therapy.


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