The Quest for Geopolitical Influence: PRC Maneuvers to Increase Its Influence in the Pacific Islands




Wrona, Emma

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As the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is emerging as a contemporary world power, it is working to influence other countries to achieve its various geopolitical goals. One region subject to greater PRC influence efforts is the Pacific Islands, a region rife with challenges due to internal cleavages, climate change, and colonial histories. The PRC seeks to advance its geopolitical influence in the Pacific Islands to achieve its domestic goals, including political, economic, and military targets that can be attained using miscellaneous influence tactics that enhance the ability of the PRC to exert control over another state’s actions. Through case studies analyzing five different Pacific Island countries, this thesis identifies the primary PRC motive(s) for engaging in influence operations, discusses the tactics the PRC uses to attain influence, and analyzes the effectiveness of these tactics for generating, maintaining, and increasing PRC influence in different Pacific Island states.



Geopolitics., International Relations., International Studies., Political Science., Pacific Islands., China., Influence.