Literature circles and the reader self-efficacy of reluctant and/or struggling readers.


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In an era of high-stakes accountability measures in education, the researcher designed this study to explore a more student-centered approach to English language arts and reading instruction via literature circles. The researcher designed an embedded multiple case study to explore the influence of literature circle participation upon the reader self-efficacy of reluctant and/or struggling intermediate-grades readers. The researcher observed seven cases prior to, during, and following their participation in an eight-week literature circle cycle. The results and findings suggest that literature circles positively influenced, or improved, the reader self-efficacy of those cases who participated in this study. Similarly, each of the seven cases characterized literature circles as beneficial, motivating, and/or enjoyable. Thus, literature circles seemingly offer a more student-centered and engaging approach to literacy development than more typical classroom activities in English language arts and reading instruction.



Literature circles. Reader self-efficacy. Intermediate grades.