The Number of Generations in Matthew 1




Sena, Keith

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Matthew says the genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of his Gospel has three sets of 14 generations. However, the third set seems to have only 13. This thesis reviews propositions regarding the number of generations, and introduces another proposition, based on two words in the Syriac Peshitta. Before explaining the proposition, it explicates the two words and other pertinent vocabulary. In this proposition, the third set has 14 generations, but most versions of the genealogy misrepresent it. For background, this thesis reviews the statuses of Syriac witnesses in New Testament textual criticism. For a more complete picture, it compares the genealogy in Matthew 1 to those in 1 Chronicles 3 and Luke 3; and it describes the theological purpose of the genealogy in Matthew 1. The proposition based on the Peshitta is given as the most likely explanation.



genealogies of Jesus