The influence of positive behavior support on collective teacher efficacy.




Rentz, Nancy Lee Davis.

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The present study examines the influence of positive behavior support on collective teacher efficacy. The sample was 106 high school teachers. Participants completed an internet survey, consisting of descriptive data questions and six instruments [Collective Efficacy, Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy, and the four subscales of the Effective Behavior Support Survey (Classroom Systems, School-wide Systems, Non-classroom Systems and Individual Student Systems)]. It was hypothesized that higher levels of Positive Behavior Support elements would mean higher collective teacher efficacy. Subjects who scored higher on behavior support scales also scored higher on collective teacher efficacy. The data suggest that the constructs of teachers’ perception of collective teacher efficacy and behavior support are correlated, since approximately one-third of the variance of the collective teacher efficacy criterion was accounted for by behavior support predictors.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 129-141).


Behavior modification., Classroom management., Effective teaching., Teacher effectiveness.