Unit Delay Scheduling for the Inversion Algorithm

Maurer, Peter M.
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The Inversion Algorithm is an event driven algorithm whose performance meets or exceeds that of Levelized Compiled Code simulation, even when the activity rate is unrealistically high. Existing implementations of the Inversion Algorithm are based on the Zero Delay model. This paper presents an implementation which is based on the Unit-Delay model. Although the most basic form of the Inversion Algorithm can be converted to Unit Delay with little difficulty, special considerations must be taken to avoid scheduling conflicts. The main problems discussed in this paper are avoiding scheduling conflicts, and minimizing the amount of storage space required to do so. These problems are made considerably more difficult by the deletion of NOT gates and the collapsing of various connections. These optimizations transform the simulation into a multi-delay simulation under the transport delay model. A complete solution to the scheduling problem is presented under these conditions.

Unit Delay Simulation, Event-Driven Simulation, Digital Simulation