Interaction between floodplain groundwater and a constructed wetland, north Central Texas.




Foss, Laura K.

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The primary goal of this study was to investigate the groundwater conditions and the potential for interaction between groundwater and surface water at the East Fork Wetland Project. In order to prepare for that investigation, a study of the water budget was conducted to gain an understanding of the wetland system as a surface water system. Infiltration became both a term in the water budget and also a measurable aspect of interaction between groundwater and surface water. The water budget was found to balance in confined timeframes, but discrepancies compounded as the timeframe was extended. Groundwater was found to have a west to east gradient and the subsurface investigation indicated discontinuous lenses of more permeable (sandy) materials than the clays typical of the floodplain. Interaction between groundwater and surface water is supported by water chemistry analysis, evidence of groundwater recharge, and seepage events measured in the field.



Groundwater., Constructed wetland., Water reuse.