An annotated checklist of the vascular flora of McLennan County, Texas.




Hannick, Vanessa C.

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A study of the flora of McLennan County, Texas, located in northern East-Central Texas has resulted in the annotated documentation of 1118 species from 131 families. McLennan County contains three physiographic areas: Blackland Prairie, Grand Prairie (including Lampasas Cut Plain and Washita Uplands), and East Cross Timbers. Families with the largest number of species are Asteraceae (141), Poaceae (103), Fabaceae (93), Euphorbiaceae (38), Cyperaceae (39), Lamiaceae (35), and Brassicaceae (32). There are 40 species endemic to Texas and 385 species that are county records. Noteworthy species include Cucumis anguria and Equisetum arvense which have been reported for only one other county in Texas and Cuscuta polygonorum which occurs in only two other counties in Texas. Another species of interest is Cheilanthes lanosa. In Texas, this species is reported only from McLennan County, however it cannot be confirmed with certainty because its voucher specimen cannot be located.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 61-62).


Botany --- Texas --- McLennan County., Plants --- Texas --- McLennan County - Identification.