Magic Runs Red

Wetzel, Lauren
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In the great city of Saint Petersburg, dark magic is lurking. Seventeen-year-old Anya is a Russian socialite with a picture-perfect life: a life of parties, beautiful dresses, and her boyfriend Sevastien planning to propose any day. But when Sevastien gets sick with a mysterious illness, Anya confronts her darkest secret. She is a koldun, a person with magical abilities that draw power from blood. When a reunion with her old mentor goes horribly wrong, Anya's life is linked Sevastien and the clock starts ticking before they both perish. Teaming up Kazik, an unlikely ally, Anya quests to break the spell that links her to Sevastien and also to cure him of the disease. But life doesn't always go according to plan, and as Anya grows closer to Kazik she grows farther away from Sevastien. Ultimately, Anya confronts the weight of having dark magical abilities and is able to save Sevastien and herself from death.