Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Understanding the Hypothesis of ROGD Proposed by Dr. Lisa Littman




Lampe, Kayla

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Over the past decade, the numbers of transgender identifying individuals has significantly increased, particularly amongst adolescent females. Concurrently, a rapid increase in the medical developments to aid in transition and policy changes due to the influence of the transgender community and its advocates has occurred. This thesis addresses hypotheses of the underlying influences due to this increasingly prevalent phenomenon, pertaining to its increased visibility, stigma and pathological reduction, peer influence, and more. The paper will begin with an overview of the transgender history and the development of understand-ing gender dysphoria. Next, I will present literature that advocates for the theory of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD), a term coined by Lisa Littman which claims that some adolescents experience gender dysphoria due to external influences, of which will fade with time. Next, I will review literature in opposition to the theory of ROGD, some of which are in direct response to Littman’s study of which ROGD was named. Finally, I conclude with the assertion that more research is needed before gender affirming medical treatments are prescribed for social transitioning of adolescents and contend that affirmation of gender dysphoria in adolescents may not be the best course of action and may be harmful.