The Father's Influence on Cardiometabolic Risk Factor Development

Jampol, Phoenix
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Current research on the influence of parents and caregivers on childhood development has focused on psychological, social, physical, and spiritual health. In recent years cardiometabolic disease prevalence has increased among younger individuals at earlier time periods. The full extent behind the rapid development of these diseases remains unclear, though significant research has been done to support to influence of the mother in proper childhood development. However, there is a limited amount of published research that has isolated the specific role that fathers have on future physiological health outcomes, especially those in relation to cardiometabolic health. Due to the scarce amount of literature involving the father’s role in influencing cardiometabolic health outcomes, a clear consensus cannot be fully ascertained and future research into this area is severely needed. This thesis pursues to consolidate the literature and expound upon the data in the field. A survey was distributed to gather data on known covariables of cardiometabolic diseases (socioeconomic status, exercise, nutrition) and the presence of a father figure. Our results showed no significant correlation between the presence of a father figure and self-reported cardiometabolic diseases. More research needs to be done in this field to further the data and expound upon the father’s influence in health outcomes.