The Green Airport concept and the International Flight Academy on biofuels.

Zanin, Maria Grazia.
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Although aviation plays an indispensable role in today’s global economy, it is presently at the center of rising controversy due to its disproportionate contribution to greenhouse gases and the potential to become one of the major causes of anthropogenic climate change. The Baylor Institute for Air Science has been involved in programs aimed at alleviating the environmental impact of aviation. This study identifies ideal conditions for the implementation of a "Green Airport" on the Island of Hispaniola. The island has sufficient natural resources to become energy independent. The implementation of an off-the-grid airport will serve locally as a catalyst to promote energy independence while improving economic conditions; and globally, as a model to be reproduced around the world. This document focuses on the first step of implementation: the world's first flight academy operating solely on biofuels that will provide the foundation to support the establishment of an off-the-grid "Green Airport".

Includes bibliographical references (p. 122-128).
Airports -- Environmental aspects., Biomass energy., Greenhouse gases., Climatic changes., Baylor University. Institute for Air Science.