Examining and Writing the Ten-Minute Musical




Munsell, Caroline

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This thesis seeks to explore and define the form of the ten-minute musical through research and through reflection upon my own creative writing process. The popularity of the ten-minute form has drastically increased over the last few decades in the United States as the theatre industry has taken strides to support new works and as society has developed a taste for what American Playwright Gary Garrison refers to as “abbreviated creativity.” Despite the rise of both ten-minute play festivals and ten-minute musical festivals, there seems to be a lack of literature available on the latter form. In an attempt to address this gap, I have analyzed a range of musical, theatrical, and academic works in relation to the American Musical. I have applied this research to the themes of anxiety and toxic masculinity in order to construct my own fictional narrative told through the ten-minute musical form.



Ten-minute., Short form., Musical theatre., Theatre., Toxic masculinity., Anxiety., Friendship., Ten-minute musical.