The Political Viability of Universal Health Care in the United States




Fleming, April

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Universal health care in the United States is possible, granted that the government incentivizes states to implement Bismarck health care systems, requiring health insurance companies to offer a basic coverage package for no profit, enabling free choice of health care provider, regulating health care costs, maintaining health care coverage during unemployment, and streamlining health care administration systems. This paper will first prove that the United States health care system is broken. The second chapter will describe some key features of the Affordable Care Act and prove that the law does not go far enough to solve our health care problems. The third chapter will explain how the Bismarck system could solve many of the problems of the American health care system, and the fourth chapter will propose a strategy for the United States to follow with regard to its transition from a broken health care system to universal health care. This paper will be employing the method of comparative analysis.